Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Think Of Me Photography

Alexandria Cunningham used me as her "model" for a mentoring session she was teaching. 
I think she needed someone there to teach me how to model, ha. 
I'm not going to quit my day job anytime soon to model. 
Good thing she wasn't paying me...
she bought me a cupcake.... 
That's all I'm worth is a CUPCAKE! :)
and I'm content with that! ha.

Drum roll please.....................

ta dahhhhhhh! 


 the story behind this picture...
We were going to random locations in Ogden and ended up at this 
somewhat abandoned place. 
I went to sit by the fence but what was on the ground????
but love this picture. 

 LOVE! this is my favorite. 

 This is one of the first ones we took... 
this was actually taken by Destiny Owens.
Alex was her mentor. 
She was great! 
(the last ones are by Destiny Owens)
 I'm a smiler :)